The Scientific Journal of Cahul State University “Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu

The Scientific Journal of Cahul State University “Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu” 2023 (1/17)

1. Historiographical and theoretical-methodological aspects regarding the foreign policy of the Republic of Moldova in the Black Sea basin

Augustin Zapuhlîh

pag. 11

2. The genesis and evolution of the Baptist church in Bessarabia (1812-1917): the historiography of the problem

Anatol Petrencu, Vasile Filat

pag. 21

3. Contributions regarding archaeological sites and historical monuments from the territory of Buciumi commune, Bacău county

Costin Croitoru, Ion Ghelețchi

pag. 29

4. about theater and dramaturgy

Zamfir Bălan, Mihail Sebastian

pag. 59

5. Dialogul reflexiv - o condiție pentru implementarea învățării centrate pe elev

Veronica Rusov

pag. 69

6. The interaction of the nutritional aspect with the motor aspect in weight loss-oriented fitness

Igor Arsene

pag. 83

7. Communication in the process of instruction in modern school

Ioana Axentii

pag. 95

8. On cult and law in Byzantine history. Reading notes (XI) based on the book written by Vlad Vieriu

Costin Croitoru

pag. 105

9. Report on the doctoral thesis in psychology "Peculiarities of social intelligence in students from the perspective of the professional personality profile", elaborated by Ilicciev Maxim

Ioana Axentii

pag. 111

10. Annexes

pag. 117