The Scientific Journal of Cahul State University “Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu

The Scientific Journal of Cahul State University “Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu” 2023 (2/18)

1. Contributions regarding the archaeological sites and historical monuments on the territory of the Ștefan cel Mare commune, Bacău county

Costin Croitoru, Stănică Pandrea

pag. 11

2. The Gagauz in the composition of the Romanian unitary state

Oleg Bercu

pag. 91

3. The identity and primary role of the first Adam

Laurențiu Bujorean

pag. 129

4. The benefit of scripture in the life and work of Nicolae Gogol

Alexandru Cocetov

pag. 141

5. An anti-totalitarian poem by Ana Blandiana

Daniel Cristea-Enache

pag. 155

6. Communication in an educational context

Victor Axentii

pag. 163

7. The formation of sociocultural competences and the influence of values on contemporary education

Victoria Danila

pag. 173

8. Management of conflict situations among teachers, parents and their students

Natalia Mihăilescu

pag. 183

9. Independence in the learning activity of young schoolchildren

Maxim Ilicciev

pag. 201

10. Communication in the training process in the modern school

Ioana Axentii

pag. 221

11. The role of cultural heritage in museum education

Elena Nicoleta Albu

pag. 229

12. A competent analyst of Russia's criminal war against Ukraine. Reading Notes

Anatol Petrencu, Valeriu Dulgheru

pag. 245

13. Annexes

pag. 255